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Omaha, NE

Here goes nothing…

I noticed something the other day: the Internets are full of many, many exceptional, high quality blogs and websites and many, many terrible blogs and websites. There really aren’t that many just plain average blogs or websites.

I find this inspiring.

I consider myself a capable writer–by which I mean I am capable of cobbling together sentences, assembling those sentences into paragraphs, and finally ordering those paragraphs into a mostly coherent and seemingly high quality piece of writing. This is a reflection of who I am as a person: I am consistently able to put the pieces of my life together in a mostly coherent and seemingly high quality fashion–exceptionally in some areas and passably in others.


exceptional accomplishment passable qualifier
Attended UC Berkeley Completed an Interdisciplinary Studies degree
Performed in a well-received off-Broadway play Played the smallest part
Helped take a start-up to acquisition during the dot-boom Didn’t bail out before the dot-bomb
Was homecoming king in high school Didn’t kiss a girl on the lips ’til after I graduated
Got an agent my first week in LA Worked twice in 2 years
Grew up in the Bay Area Now live in Omaha
I was a 49er fan in the 80s and 90s I am a 49er fan now

So, you see what I’m saying…

This blog isn’t about me entertaining you with top-notch, humorous, enlightening or interesting stories; nor is it about my self-importance or professed expertise in my field (which in combination, often turn out the worst sites)–but rather, it is a public place for my average and sporadic reflections on life; a creative outlet; and an attempt at trying my hand at this whole writing thing…

For some readers, this may sound a little pessimistic, or like I’m beating up on myself–but really, it isn’t. This blog is actually a really exciting thing for me to start. I’m incredibly busy running a couple of growing businesses, being an (oh-so-happy!) newlywed, and exploring my new home in Omaha, that taking a little time out of the day to write and reflect should prove extremely rewarding.

And if you’re turned off or uninterested in the average, I have some good news. For all of the me which is just good enough, I have been extremely skillful lucky when picking my friends and family. In these two areas, I have a wealth of well-above-average experiences. I’ll share these with you, too. After all is said and done, average is a small price to pay for the opportunity to be alive with these people.

So, uh, check back in if you want… I’ll be here.