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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sarah and I are busy. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

She’s studying everyday at least until 8 and I’m working on my startup just as much so sometimes it’s hard to get non-work/non-school stuff done.

After time, the messiness catches up with us and starts to grate… not just the messiness, but little home projects we’ve wanted to do (like putting curtains up in my office). I mean, we’re in our late 20s–it’s time to stop living like undergrads for crying out loud!

So we’ve instituted a daily “blitz”. We agree on a 20 minute chunk of the day, pick a project we want to work on, and then (using a timer) spend 20 minutes working specifically on that project.

So far I’ve unpacked my suitcase from Thanksgiving, taken it down to our storage room and put up my office curtains. Sarah has also unpacked her suitcase, straightened up our bedroom and helped me with my office curtains. We haven’t been doing it long, but we really enjoy doing it.

It’s working better for us than to say something like “Saturday morning is for housework”. Mostly cause we always find something more fun or pressing to do. We feel very accomplished and we haven’t taken much time away from the pursuit of our bigger goals which really do require a great deal of focus right now.

Hopefully it’ll allow us to get some of the more time-consuming projects done, too. Instead of filling a free block of time with 5 or 6 mini-chores, we can get one big one done.

We’re finding ways to structure our time such that we can accomplish our big-picture goals, spend time with each other, eat well, and still have fun. It’s an interesting way of life. Structure isn’t all that bad. I feel like I’m starting to use “type-A” personality tools, while still maintaining a lot of the type-b traits which make me me.

Anyway, if there’s some chore that’s been nagging at you, take 20 minutes right now and get it done. It probably won’t take much longer than that.

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