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Buddies having Babies

I’ve said from time to time that the thing I miss most since moving to Omaha is the food. And it’s true, I do miss the variety and quality of food available in the bay area.

As it turns out, I miss something more than even that. I am missing my friends become parents. It’s kind of an abstract thing that I probably wouldn’t even notice happening if I were around, but not being around makes it evident.

I’ve been reflecting on these people (Jeff and Leah, Lisa and Eric, Fei and Wael, Ben and Teri, Matt and Julie, Joel and Laura, Rehan and Aliya, Evance and Angela… the list keeps growing!), these friends of mine. These are people with whom I’ve grown up in one way or another: middle school, high school, college, marriage… and we took these steps together. Helped each other just by being there, being something familiar, knowing each other–knowing the we that we were before we were forced into the next phase of life by Time.

These feelings were brought into my field of vision by Sophia, the impending Screaming Little Person of Jeff and Leah; They were brought into focus by the news of Lisa’s pregnancy and Fei’s second.

Such old friends, such new experiences.

I feel like I have more to say on this, but I’m having trouble getting the words out…

So to my baby-wielding (or soon-to-be-baby-wielding) friends: I miss you. I wish I was there with you. But more important than that, I’m happy and excited for you! Hooray!


  1. Joel wrote:

    We miss uncle Rahul. I think I understand a lot of these feelings. Having a family away from friends and family has been good in that we’ve been able to set an identity. However, I’m not sure that wouldn’t have happened had we been home. And I want my children to know the people I think are just about the best human beings around . . .

    Wednesday, September 7, 2005 at 7:29 am | Permalink
  2. Mr. A wrote:

    Thanks, Joel. I vacillate between being glad we’re away and wanting to be closer. There’s the “forming our own identity” thing, and also the med school and entrepreneur things… if we were trying to balance school, work, being newly-weds and our families in Napa and the Bay Area… whew. It would be exhausting. It’s nice to be just us… so, as I said: I vacillate

    Wednesday, September 7, 2005 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

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