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Monthly Archives: April 2005


My wife scored a 96% on her most recent medical school exam! YAY! To celebrate, she’s taking a neurology exam tomorrow! YAY! I love my wife.

8-minute ab-ject pain

My dear, dear wife ordered the 8-minute series. We’ve got abs, buns, legs and arms… She says that when she and Amir were roomies, at least one of them would think to do the workout, and the other couldn’t really say, “No, I don’t have 8 minutes to spare.” So hoping for more of the […]

I’m taking this half-hour right here, right now!

Began: 7:24 p.m. It’s ridiculous how time just slips… For me, writing has got to be a habit I grow into. The only way I’m going to do that is by writing–by forcing myself to write. *!* And just when you start writing, your wife finishes making your quiche dinner. So please excuse me for […]

Poetry (Cont’d) (Cont’d)

In my previous post I promised a poem from the slam we went to… and here it is: The Baby That Ate Cincinnati by Matt Mason –Dedicated to those others who on telling people you’re expecting your first child find they don’t say “Congratulations,” they first tell you how you’re never leaving the house again […]

Poetry (Cont’d)

So that previous post about poetry I had actually started last week, but just finished up yesterday. In the meantime, however, I had some more poetry experiences which I’d be amiss not to mention considering my last post. Omaha has a pretty good slam poetry team. 10th in the nation last year, I believe. Not […]