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Monthly Archives: March 2005

You’d think I was Catholic… I mean, honestly!

To Thomas Crouch, to whom in 6th grade I gave the big FU to at a time when he was extending a genuine hand of friendship to someone who wasn’t even really his friend: I’m sorry. I’ve tried to look him up, but this’ll have to suffice. Peace.

Today I lost my chance at $1,000,000

“Hi, this is [Name Censored] with VMS letting you know you’ve been entered in a drawing for $1,000,000!” I must be the stupidest person there is. N.C., a very friendly lady, was nice enough to call me today, letting me know I was entered in this drawing, and “someone’s got to win that money, right?!” […]


I watched a little bit of the ‘roid hearings on C-span today. Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s Independent representative was awesome. He gave a little speech inviting the media to attend House hearings which were important. He noted the large contingent of reporters and asked they they also report to the public when the government is discussing […]

I went to the dentist today

My appointment is for tomorrow.


Omaha, NE Here goes nothing… I noticed something the other day: the Internets are full of many, many exceptional, high-quality blogs and websites and many, many terrible, low-quality blogs and websites. There really aren’t that many plain, average blogs or websites. I find this inspiring. I consider myself a capable writer–by which I mean I […]